Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just random pic's

Here are some fun random pic from the last 6 months!

 Chasee was so sick!   Camo came to comfort her.
 Dustan would KILL me if he saw this pic!  He is so allergic to cats and I am so naughty for letting it come in.  But look how protective and cute he is!
 Ryker actually watching TV.  Best thing ever!  I actually got things done this day... and then of course he came out and destroyed it LOL
 My cute babies on the 4 wheeler!
Our cute little kitten Reeses!  Ryker LOVES her! 

This bean bag toss box was actually made for their cousins birthday!  LOL  they found other uses! 

One day I yelled and yelled for Ryker to come in and he wouldn't!!  I walked the yard in circles not seeing him.  Then I heard his giggle!  He was in the very corner by the playhouse with Camo Cat sitting on this old chair I had forgotten about!!! 

Chasee in her Jamas out side posing :) 
The kids are outside every day playing in it!  Whether were at the pool, nana's, or just chilling at home! 
 Really he is supposed to be watering the flowers behind him!

 Yep!  He got her good!!

What does she expect laying out like this!!?? 
 You would guess it but he truly LOVE to pick on her and get a rise out of her!  She is the most expressive and he LOVES her reations!
Brain Freeze!! 
Not messy at all! 
Our little sweetie!
Summers only begun and were already having a blast!

Walking out side!

Ryker started walking Dec. 23 2011. Best Christmas present ever!! He had been able to for months. Running with his walker and side stepping while holding onto things, but this was the first time he really let go and went for it! In Nana's kitchen! Now he walks every where! Still wont hold your hand while moving, he is pretty independant. Now I can finally let him out doors knowing he will like it!!!

Carter is 7!!

Happy Happy Birthday Carter!!  Our NewYears boy is now 7!  He is such a neat little guy!  Definately the man of the house when Dustan isn't here.  He is so kind and caring.  So sensitive to all those around him and their feelings, and truly the most helpful child there ever was!!  He loves hard work and knows how to take care of his family!  So good and loving to his siblings.  We are so blessed to have been blessed with such a wonderful boy in our family!!

The year that Nana threw out Christmas! ;)

I always laugh at how far behind I am in my blog and then I always sit here not know where to begin in catching up!!

The year that Nana threw out Christmas!!! 2011
I have to share this story not because were mad at Nana and want her to feel bad.  Accidents happen and really Im just glad it wasn't me that did it,
and its something I totally would do!  But because its one more memory to add to the books, that luckily we can now laugh at!!
We had a great Christmas this year!  We always do!  We spent it at Nana and Pompa's and when we do we always pack up for a couple days and we all stay under the same roof.  On Christmas Eve, when we settle down to bed, we all open a new pair of Jama's and gather together to listen to stories.  We then hear Santa's sleigh bells ring out side the windows, giving us a warning its time to say our prayers and crawl into bed so that he may come.  As a kid it was always my favorite tradition he did for us and we are so lucky that Santa still does it for them.  Nana sleeps out under the tree with her grand babies and Jon Jon.  I dont know how they always sleep through Santa's arrival.  He can be pretty loud!  But they do! 
Christmas morning we woke up to presents!  The kids must have been pretty good.  Because there is 3 big families it takes us a while!  Especially when I make everyone open one by one so we all can see.  After we ate delicious Soufle! And spent the rest of the day playing together as a family.
That night we gather and hauled all the trash out side to be picked up early the next morning.  We were careful as to what bags needed to be brought out and which didn't.  Come morning as were packing up to go home I notice were missing some of the kids presents.  I asked Dustan if he already loaded them up and he hadn't.  We searched the house high and low and they were no where to be found, when it dawns on me, DID THEY GO OUT LAST NIGHT WITH THE TRASH!!!  Suddenly we're in panick mode!  The men again said NO they were very careful with what went out, made sure they didn't take the bags full of presents.  Turns out Nana decided to "help" and took out the extra bags in the living room.  By then Trash was gone!  I was physically sick!  And I yelled for Dustan to get in the car and we chase the Trash guy down with Pompa.  He let us dig through the truck even let loose the compactor.  By then what ever toys were in there had been crushed and it didn't matter.   I bawled!  Sick to my stomach that we worked so hard to pay for Christmas and the BIG presents were gone!  Brand new never been open, presents thrown out and crushed to bits! (the though still makes me sick)  Poor, poor, Nana felt aweful!  Had no idea that she could have possible done that.  It was just sad!!  Kids really didn't know what to think, we tried to not make it a big deal, but poor Nana went out that day in the rush, re-buying Christmas.  Oh it was so sad!  I felt so bad that she felt sooooooo bad!!! 
Now we can all laugh at it and everyone still teases her and probably always will how she threw out Christmas!!  Poor NANA!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Just yesterday when Carter was getting off the bus we found a baby snake!  Little tiny thing.  So with the help of our cat, Fuzzy (he was trying to play with it like a string) I caught it!  I convinced the kids it was too small to bite, so they each took turns holding it.  YUP! all three of them ;)  Our little Ryker did quite the number on it...

She was being so brave!  Very proud of this little one.

The following pictures may gross you out.

Oh he pulled it so tight!  :?

The darn kid kept trying to put it in his mouth!  Poor snake.
But look how cute he is even when he's trying to eat a snake!
And with that last try, we decided it was probably time to let it go.