Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just random pic's

Here are some fun random pic from the last 6 months!

 Chasee was so sick!   Camo came to comfort her.
 Dustan would KILL me if he saw this pic!  He is so allergic to cats and I am so naughty for letting it come in.  But look how protective and cute he is!
 Ryker actually watching TV.  Best thing ever!  I actually got things done this day... and then of course he came out and destroyed it LOL
 My cute babies on the 4 wheeler!
Our cute little kitten Reeses!  Ryker LOVES her! 

This bean bag toss box was actually made for their cousins birthday!  LOL  they found other uses! 

One day I yelled and yelled for Ryker to come in and he wouldn't!!  I walked the yard in circles not seeing him.  Then I heard his giggle!  He was in the very corner by the playhouse with Camo Cat sitting on this old chair I had forgotten about!!! 

Chasee in her Jamas out side posing :) 
The kids are outside every day playing in it!  Whether were at the pool, nana's, or just chilling at home! 
 Really he is supposed to be watering the flowers behind him!

 Yep!  He got her good!!

What does she expect laying out like this!!?? 
 You would guess it but he truly LOVE to pick on her and get a rise out of her!  She is the most expressive and he LOVES her reations!
Brain Freeze!! 
Not messy at all! 
Our little sweetie!
Summers only begun and were already having a blast!

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